Insuring Your Car and Interesting Things on Road Accident Claims

LwWAVThere are millions of drivers on the roads and millions of cars, and because the car industry has developed so much, sometimes accidents happen. The number of cars on the roads has increased and so has the number of accidents, and the reasons are multiple – sometimes because the cars break down, and sometimes because the drivers make fatal mistakes that endanger the passengers and also the people walking down the street.

That’s why there has appeared the auto insurance, with different levels of coverings, and it’s extremely important to have one if you have a car. Let’s talk a little about auto insurance and road accident claims, important things that every driver should know.

The Auto Insurance

The rules are very clear for everyone – each person that owns a car needs to have car insurance, for protecting themselves and the rest of the people. The auto insurance is mandatory and it doesn’t matter what type of vehicle you have – small cars (sedans), SUVs, trucks, motorcycles, tows and anything else that there might be.



Getting the Auto Insurance

There are two situations – first one – when you buy a new car, you can’t take the car home until you close auto insurance for 6 months or one year. This is to make sure that you respect the rules and regulations, and the car dealers to try to offer you all the possibilities to be safe on the road.

Car-Insurance-Company-SecretsHowever, if you buy a car that is “second-hand”, you have the responsibility to get that insurance. You will be able to take the car home, of course, but if you don’t have the mandatory auto insurance, the law says that you are not allowed to drive it on public roads.

That’s where you have to do the following things – first of all, you need to go to an insurance broker to make a valuation for your vehicle. It will influence how much you pay for the mandatory car insurance, and it will also be important to set the casualty and collision insurance. The second one is not mandatory, but it’s good to have one, especially if you have a new car or a car that is newer than 8 years.

Once the insurance broker sets the value of the car, you’ll get a price and you’ll be able to pay it all at once or in different number of rates – some allow you to pay every month for the whole year (that’s how the price is set), every three months or twice per year.

The Road Accident Claim

Unfortunately, there are also accidents that take place, and the driver who is at fault will have to reimburse the victims of the accidents or the other car or cars that were involved. That’s where the auto insurance comes in handy – it is made in such a way that the insurance company will pay for the repairs – in the case of the mandatory car insurance. For example, if you are at fault for the accident, you will carKey-insurancegive your insurance to the other driver and he will be able to repair his car on your insurance.

However, if you are the victim of an accident, if you want to ask for a road accident claim because you’ve also suffered an injury, apart from taking the insurance from the other driver, you can take the help of a specialized lawyer and suit the driver and the insurance company. If the evidence is clear enough, you will be able to get the rightful compensation that you are entitled to. Our insurance brokers cover the UK. However If your accident happened in Scotland you will need a Lawyer that operates within Scottish Law we recommend as a first reference. You might also want checkout the process of making accident claims in Scotland as it differs from the rest of the UK.

The truth is that if there are no victims, the insurance claim is very easy – all you have to do is present the car, but if there are also injuries on the victims, it might be a little harder, as you’ll also need medical evidence to show that the injury was the direct result of the accident.